Eating Challenge – Flaming Challenge

Just done the ‘Flaming Challenge’ at The Bay Horse in Ashton, UK. Although it is available in any pub under the chain “Flaming Grill” in the UK. It is 2 12oz burgers, 2 chicken breasts, spicy chilli beef, cheese, bacon, onion rings and a lot of chips. It comes out at 1KG of food.

If you complete it you’ll get your photo taken and put on the “wall of flame”. Make sure you mention this when you are ordering your food so they can keep an eye on you for cheating. Not that you ever would!

Wow it’s a lot of food, the burgers are layered with cheese and fried onions, the chilli is then spread all over the top and the chicken breast on top of that. The whole burger is topped with the onions rings. It looked amazing, tasted great … and yet I failed! It was toooo much, but I’m glad I tried because at £9.99 that is cheap!

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